Class Action

A class action is where an individual has been harmed by the action of another in a way that affects not only that individual, but in a similar fashion, affects the broad range of other individuals in a similar fashion, such that a court might designate one person as the class representative to represent the interest of a number of other people. Class actions are commonly used where a business or corporation violates the law in some way that similarly adversely affects a large number of people. Class actions must have a common thread that binds them together and the wrong suffered by the class action plaintiff must be typical and similar to that suffered by the other members of the class. A class representative in a class action must diligently prosecute the class action on behalf of all similarly situated individuals as one would represent oneself. Sometimes class actions are filed where a business or corporation violates the law in a way that causes an injury that may not be large, but which affects a large number of people and reaps a considerable illegal gain by the wrongdoer. A new class action statute requires that many class actions be brought in federal court. Our office is very experienced in dealing with federal class actions and has recently concluded $110 million settlement for 369 class members as a result of a vitamin E supplement, called E-Ferol that was administered to premature children in 1983 and 1984, although these class members were not aware of the fact that they received the drug. We have also handled class action lawsuits involving insurance bad faith, employment discrimination, and violation of contractual rights.

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