Klein v. O’Neal, Inc.

In this $110 million class action settlement, our attorneys fought against the manufacturer of an intravenous vitamin E supplement called E-Ferol. This supplement was responsible for the death of 43 infants and caused brain damage to 23 in the class of 369 recipients. E-Ferol was placed on the market in November 1983, without any FDA approval or testing, and recalled after four months. The parents of the deceased infants and the recipients themselves were not aware that they had received this supplement since it was included in the intravenous infant formula. The emulsifier in the product, polysorbate 80, caused liver damage and the destruction of platelets which resulted in the injuries and death of E-Ferol class members.

Mann v. Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Co.

A wrongful death action caused when the railroad distance signal was burned out and the Santa Fe engine at the head of a 100-car grain train was struck at a railroad crossing by a Burlington Northern freight train.

Rolston v. Baby Dolls

This case concluded in a settlement for the loss of a limb due to a collision caused by a drunk driver. 67th Dist. Ct., Tarrant County.

Paloff v. Cedillo

In Tarrant County, Brender Law Firm won a case that was confirmed by a jury verdict for a wrongful death caused by a drunk driver. 352nd Dist. Ct., Fort Worth, Tarrant County, 792 S.W.2d 830 (Ct. App. – Fort Worth).

Hernandez v. Lewis

This case was won via jury verdict against a drunk driver. 96th Dist. Ct., Tarrant County, Texas.

Trevino v. State

503 U.S. 562 112 S.Ct. 1547, 118 L.Ed.2d 193 (1992). Reversal of death penalty by U.S. Supreme Court”

Schooler, et al. v. City of Dallas

Court TV covered this trial nationally regarding police failing to respond to a rape victim. 192nd Dist. Ct., Dallas County.

Davis v. Union Pacific Railroad

In Davis v. Union Pacific Railroad, our attorneys fought for the first sexual harassment case in Tarrant County. This was concluded by jury verdict. 48th Dist. Ct., Tarrant County.

Offill v. Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation

In this case, we presented a hospital failure to prevent a hypoxic episode. 342nd Dis. Ct., Tarrant County.

Allison and Henry v. Tarrant County, Texas

Sheriff Deputies’ jury verdict against incumbent Republican Sheriff for violation of their constitutional right of free speech for supporting the opposing Democratic candidate. U.S. Dist. Ct., N.D. Tex.

Watson v. Fort Worth Bank & Trust

This case was brought before the United States Supreme Court which came to a landmark decision on proof required in employment discrimination cases. Art Brender presented integral oral arguments that led to the case concluding in our favor. 487 U.S. 977

Coble v. Texas Department of Corrections

As a result of this class action, over 8,000 women now serve as correctional officers. U.S. Dist. Ct. S.D. Tex.

Ladd v. Dairyland County Mutual Insurance Company

As a result of this successful case, over 1,000 African Americans received compensation for discrimination in adjusting insurance claims. U.S. Dist., Ct., N.D. Tex.

B. Don Magness, Wright, et al. v. City of Fort Worth

This case involved a sexual harassment settlement against the Director of Will Rogers complex. 352nd Dist. Ct., Tarrant County.